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Ancient Secrets of the Mummy is a hidden object game, where you need to find a variety of objects scattered throughout loads of different settings. You start off in your character's room, but it's not long before you embark on an adventure leading you to mysterious Egyptian excavation sites.

As with all games of this kind, your goal in Ancient Secrets of the Mummy is to find a series of hidden objects in the settings, as quickly as possible. At the bottom of the screen there's a list of objects you need to find. If you touch an object you are NOT supposed to collect, you lose points. Getting a good score is vital in order to earn stars, which are necessary to move forward in the story.

Besides story mode, Ancient Secrets of the Mummy also offers a special game mode, called 'Mummification,' which can be unlocked once you've completed the first chapter. In this mode, you get to learn all the steps taken by Egyptians to mummify Pharaohs and other important people.

Ancient Secrets of the Mummy is a fabulous hidden object game, with great graphics, loads of different settings to explore, and a fair share of additional puzzles and minigames for you to show off your ingenuity.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 higher

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